About LNID

What Is The LNID?

The League of Nigerians In Diaspora (LNID) is a professional, non-government organization that partners with Nigeria Diaspora people around the world. The League is dedicated to promoting and encouraging excellence in human capital development.

Our networked members are business owners, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, medical professionals, educators, designers, ICT professionals, among others.

The charter of LNID shall specifically address the global human capital needs of Nigerians in Diaspora. Human capital development plays a crucial role in shaping and transforming our human landscape; the efforts of the League and its members also serve to educate and enlighten the Nigerian Diaspora about the importance of networking and leveraging professional training, experience, and the sociology of knowledge through research and publications.

 The League Activities

Our activities promote the role of our members as Diasporans and partners in Nigeria’s socio-economic development process, as well as fostering new partnerships of professionals, institutions, and individual professionals through educational outreach and scholarship opportunities.

Member benefits (see full details below) include significant discounts on events, entry fees, professional training and educational opportunities; complimentary copies of the LNID Quarterly Newsletter, and more.

Annual Diaspora Network Forum At the end of each year, the League convenes an International forum where leading professionals from all walk- of-life meet to share and exchange ideas, knowledge and establish new partnerships. During two or three days of networking, presentations, and workshops representing a unique yearly overview and consolidation of the quality and direction of League’s programs.

Awards Gala A highlight of the League’s year is the annual black-tie awards gala. The work of the LNID Network Forum stellar winners is shown and the League Professional of the Year, Gold and Silver medals are awarded. Guests attend an evening dinner and dance, meeting old friends and making new acquaintances within this select group of honorees.

Quarterly Diaspora League Newsletter  A full-color, professional/scholarly written and beautifully printed newsletter features articles in key areas of entrepreneurship and human capital development as determined by the editorial board. The Quarterly newsletter (name to be decided) is destined to become a key reference sources on matters of Diaspora interest Nigeria national development.

Diaspora League Award To acknowledge continuing excellence in human capital development.