Umar Baba

Umar Baba is a member of the LNID Board of Trustees and the Co-Founder/President of Global Mega Education Inc., an Education Consultancy Company. He has worked in the field of education for 21 years. He has been an Instructional Assistant, Teacher, Curriculum Specialist, District Categorical Program Specialist, Assistant Principal, District Special Education Program Coordinator, and Principal. He worked in many educational departments handling many programs that aligned to California State and federal funded programs to improve the education system. He received numerous trainings on school budget allocation, program development, education reform, and implementation of sustainable educational programs. Umar Baba successfully transformed school. Under his leadership, his school received numerous awards: State of California Distinguished School Award, Federal Title I Achieving School Award, California Business for Education Excellence Award, and National Center for Urban School Transformation Award for improving academic achievement, closing the achievement gap, and meeting the state and federal mandates.